Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's been FOREVER!

I have no good excuse for why it's been 10 months since my last post on the blog. I blame Facebook and just the fast pace, busy life we lead. I realize everyday as the kids are growing how much I love looking back at old photos, videos and this blog. So I hope to start posting again...even if it's only once a month.

So to catch you up....

Carson turned 4 in August and just started his second year of preschool. He played his last game of soccer today on his "old" left foot. On Oct 11th Carson will have surgery and when he resumes soccer (we hope in the 2nd winter session in January) he will have a New and Improved left foot. His favorite foods are pizza, chocolate chip granola bars, and popcorn. He loves to play his new Wii and he loves running....he will race anyone with the energy to keep up with him and runs with the funniest face of determination I've ever seen. Carson is learning that you can be mad at people and choose to not like them....Some moments he thinks he doesn't like me (you when I make him follow the rules) but he always finds time to remind me that I'm his best friend. I tear up (in sadness & joy) thinking about the day when I'm not his best friend and I have to share that spot with childhood friends and one day the love of his life.

Ava is 21 months old and thinks she's 21 years old! She's all girl: bossy, whiney, overdramatic, pouty, a talker, a shoe lover, and yesterday she walked into a booth at the festival and pointed at something and said "Mommy, buy this" yeah....a shopper! It amazes me how much she talks...she can carry on a conversation with you and it's so stinkin' cute! If you don't pay attention to her she calls to you "Daddy, woo who...Daddy, woo whoo". She would eat 24/7, and her favorite foods are chicken, fruit bars, cookies, chicken, grapes, chicken, milk, and chicken. Tonight we sat beside her bed and she said her own prayer...She prayed for the typical Mommy, Daddy, Carson, Mawmaw, Papa, Pa, and Ma and she added Doggie and Meow. We visited the pet store tonight and she was so very excited that I guess she decided to thank God for the Dogs and Cats. Ava is our challenge and can make me bite my tounge and wonder when will I ever have a moment of peace....but to watch her giggle in joy or bounce as she runs lights up my world!


Timmy said...
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Timmy said...

The girl looks so sweet and adorable, so does the boy.

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